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Reuseable - Biodegradable - Compostable - Easy Clean - Keeps Food Fresh with No Plastic Waste - Planet Friendly


We didn't like using plastic wrap to keep food fresh.

We knew that people had kept food fresh throughout history in various ways without plastic, so why couldn't we?

So after some thought and plenty of research and development, out here in the Helidon Hills on the edge of the Lockyer Valley, we got together to create Bee Clever natural beeswax food wraps, a great alternative to plastic wrap when it comes to keeping food really fresh and cutting way down on your plastic use.

Our friends and family love Bee Clever beeswax food wraps and we think you will too

We feel we have an obligation to our environment as well as to all other planetary inhabitants to cut down on plastic and waste and this is our way of helping a little.

Imagine how much plastic wrap we wouldn't need if we all just used a biodegradable, compostable alternative. No waste - brilliant.

We have used our wraps in many different ways and are constantly finding new uses.

See our Tips and Info page for anything you need to know about using your wraps, cleaning and storage and get in touch if your answer is not there.

We enjoy the usefulness, practicality and environmentally friendly aspect of making these wraps with love and care, and invite you to take up this natural alternative to food storage. It's amazing how fresh food stays.

In this age of everything being made by machines in factories we are very much a true cottage industry and our wraps are definitely not factory made. Each Bee Clever foodwrap is crafted individually by hand, and each is unique varying in look and finish, but we reckon it's worth it. Our wraps will last for months.

Bee Clever beeswax food wraps are available as sets or just singles. Once we started using them we found we needed a few more so starting with a set is advisable.

If you have any questions or would like any further information about Bee Clever beeswax food wraps, please just visit us on facebook for more info, instructional videos and other Bee Clever updates. Message us there and we'll answer any of your questions or alternatively email us at Bee Clever.

Wrap an avocado in a few seconds. It's easy and helps to stop your cut Avo going brown and keep fresher longer. No waste... it's great