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Reuseable - Biodegradable - Compostable - Easy Clean - Keeps Food Fresh with No Plastic Waste - Planet Friendly


As each Bee Clever wrap is individually handmade, each wrap is unique. Variations in fabric weave and finishes may occur.
Bee Clever beeswax food wraps are available as sets or just singles depending on your needs..

Important: Bee Clever beeswax food wraps are NOT suitable for hot foods (will melt the wax) or raw meats (can't wash in hot water)

We make 3, 4 and 5 piece sets as well as single wraps in varying sizes. We have patterns, colours and plains (100% calico) and sets can come in mixed packs or sets with all the same style. We can also accommodate custom sizes and specialty types of cotton fabrics if required.

As a small cottage industry set up we frequently change patterns, colours and designs so you will always find something different to brighten up your kitchen, refridgerator, lunchbox, picnic or summer barbeque .

Bee Clever beeswax food wrap size guide with a few useage suggestions. There are many ways to use beeswax wraps. see

Use, Care, Tips and Info
extra small 22cm x 22cm - great for wrapping half lemons, avocado, tomato, end bits of cheese, capsicums
small 25cm x 25cm - cover a small bowl, cut fruit and vegies, snack packs, camembert
medium 30cm x 30cm - bowl or plate cover, brie and other cheeses, any fruit or veg depending on size
large 35cm x 35cm - sandwiches, cheeses, cover cut pumpkin or watermelon, cabbage, broccoli, salad bowls - bigger stuff
extra large 43cm x 38cm - bunches of celery, shallots, larger greens, breadcovers for larger bowls or catering, look great at picnics and BBQs,

Email us or message us on Facebook and we can organise a set or sets to specifically suit you.


Our extra large come as singles in Unbleached Calico, (plain or shibori), plain colour, pattern colour, cafe prints and designer prints

3 Piece Starter Sets

These starter lunch packs come with a large and 2 medium wraps. The large is good for your sandwich, while the medium are perfect for your snacks (cheese, fruit and nuts, carrot/ celery sticks)

The large is also great for covering bigger bowls and the mediums will double for wrapping your avo, lemon, tomato, cucumber, pumpkin, sweet potato .... the list of uses goes on.

This photo is only an indicator. We have many different fabric designs and colours.

5 Piece Kitchen Sets

These kitchen sets are very versatile. Families tend toward larger wraps for bigger bowls and sandwiches. Sets can also come in fabric mixes including, plain calico, shibori calico, just colours or prints.

This photo is a sample only as we are producing different sets and themes all the time.

8 Piece Specialty Sets

These 8 piece sets cover everything from half lemon or tomato right up to cabbages, celery, cheese, bread and large bowl covers. This photo is of a butterflies and flowers theme but sets can be mixed fabrics, print, plain, colour or turmeric hand dyed.

For orders email us or message us on Facebook

Bee Clever beeswax wraps are so easy to use. Here is how to turn a wrap into a resuseable, eco snack pack